This booklet has not been approved or co-authored by any fire protection agency of any kind. It is based on my interpretation of information that I collected prior to 1987. Any action taken by any person as a result of reading this booklet is at the total discretion and judgement of that person. The author assumes no responsibility for actions taken by any person as a result of reading this booklet. The intention of this document is to assist the reader in making their own decisions regarding fire safety and protection.
This booklet should be considered as a guide, not a manual, to fire prevention and protection. In fact, it would be next to impossible to write a complete manual to cover all situations. Each homeowner has individual needs for fire prevention and protection based on the layout of his house, his needs and his habits - he should adapt the information in this booklet to his own situation.
The information in this document is general in nature - so, when installing, using and maintaining equipment be sure to always refer to the manual that comes with the device. The standards and regulations used to compile the information contained in this document may be ammended after this document is released - for current requirements contact the respective governing agency.
David J. Smith
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